Currency Standards

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As described in this log post, the D&D “gold standard” does not accurately reflect historical coinage or pricing. Likewise, having standardized “gold coins” throughout a campaign setting does not make for particularly interesting or absorbing roleplaying, downplaying or eliminating the need for banks, moneychangers, moneylenders, etc. in the campaign world.

While the various nations, city-states, and kingdoms throughout Tel-Avi can and should have their own unique coinage, it still helps to have a standard basis for setting equipment prices. For the sake of setting prices and coin values we will base everything against the standard of the Vornheim solid.

All prices below are given in Vornheim solids (s). Prices for items costing less than a solid, are given in Vornheim denars (d). There are 12 denars to 1 solid.

Common Prices

The prices for common items are extrapolated from the actual prices of items found in the medieval sourcebooks.

Armor Prices

Weapon Prices

Animal Prices

Goods and Services

Uncommon Items

Uncommon items that did not exist in the “real world” are priced as given in the SRD with a standard conversion of 1 gold piece to 1 solid (1gp = 1s).

The various wizards, alchemists, and witches of the world keep up a brisk trade in potions and scrolls. The importance of these items as portable sources of healing and means of magical information exchange, as well as the relatively high number of casters with access to the skills to create them, tends to keep costs low for these items. The price of a scroll is equal to the level of the spell * the creator’s caster level * 2L (40s). The price of a potion is equal to the level of the spell * the creator’s caster level * 5L (100s). If the potion or scroll has a material component cost, it is added to the base price and cost to create.

A sharper price conversion applies to all other magic items, where the list price in gold pieces is treated as an equal number of libris (1gp = 1L). Thus 1 gold piece (in standard D&D) equals 1 gold piece (in Vornheim currency), for magic items only. It should also be noted that his will result in magic items being much rarer and much more expensive to make, given the typical standard being silver solids. Thus magic items have an effective cost of 20 times (20s = 1L) the list price compared to standard items.

Currency Standards

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