Carousing Mishaps Table

1 Make a fool of yourself in public. Gain no XP. Roll Charisma check or gain reputation in this town as a drunken lout.
2 Random pub brawl. Whole party faces number of brawlers = # of PCs. Resolve as normal combat but over-carousing PC is sickened for being drunk.
3 Minor misunderstanding with local authorities. Roll Charisma check. Success indicates a fine of 2d6 x 25s. Failure or (inability to pay fine) indicates d6 days in the pokey.
4 Wake up in bed with someone… roll on subtable below.
5 Gambling losses. Gain o x.p..
6 Gain local reputation as the life of a party. Unless a Charisma check is failed, all future carousing in this burg costs double due to barflies and other parasites.
7 Insult Local Person of Rank (roll on subtable below).
8 You couldn’t really see the rash in the candlelight. Roll Constitution check to avoid venereal disease.
9 New tattoo (roll d6 1-PC chooses 2-DM chooses 3-player to your left chooses 4-player to your right chooses 5-player 2 to the right chooses 6-player 2 to the left chooses).
10 2 thieves set upon PC while s/he is alone. Resolve as normal combat but PC is at -2 for being drunk.
11 You wake up with only your armor and, on a successful wisdom check, your most prized posession.
12 Hangover from hell. First day of adventuring is sickened. Casters must roll Int check with each spell to avoid mishap.
13 Target of lewd advances turns out to be a witch. Save versus polymorph or you’re literally a swine.
14 You’ve joined a local organization—you remember the passwords and secret signs (for Vornheim, roll on subtable below).
15 Wake up in bed with someone… roll on subtable below.
16 Wake up stark naked in local temple, roll a d4 (for Vornheim) on the Local Organizations table to determine which of Vornheim’s four temples.
17 Major misunderstanding with local authorities. Imprisoned and must stand trial (see Legal Situation Table). All weapons, armor, and magic items confiscated.
18 There was something in that drink. You are smitten with (roll on subtable below) for d10 days.
19 When in a drunken stupor you asked your god(s) to get you out of some stupid mess. Turns out they heard you! Now as repayment for saving your sorry ass, you’re under the effects of a quest spell.
20 The roof! The roof! The roof is on fire! Accidentally start a conflagration. Roll d6 twice. 1-2 burn down your favorite inn 3-4 some other den of ill repute is reduced to ash 5-6 a big chunk of town goes up in smoke. 1-2 no one knows it was you 3-4 your fellow carousers know you did it 5 someone else knows, perhaps a blackmailer 6 everybody knows.

Local Organizations Subtable Vornheim (d12)
1 Church of Vorn
2 Church of Orth
3 Church of Esk
4 Children of the First Wyrm
5 The Pale Web
6 Church of the Hex King
7 Cult of En Vorath
8 Church of the Undiscovered Eye
9 Church of the Cold Eye
10 Church of the True Eye
11 Elite strike force aimed at nearby enemy of city
12 Local nobility

Local Person of Rank Subtable (d8)
1 Priest of most important local deity (Vorn, in this case)
2 Local monarch
3 Tavern owner
4 Chief of the constabulary/local military
5 Court wizard
6 Court librarian
7 Random local noble, female
8 Random local noble, male

Wake Up In Bed/Smitten Subtable (d12)
1 Succubus
2 Dead albino elf
3 Apparently normal attractive member of orientation-appropriate gender
4 Randomly determined other PC (neither remembers anything)
5 S/he’s ugly. You’re married.
6 (Roll again on this table.) You’re married.
7 Lizard woman who loves you
8 Halfling
9 Most important NPC in game
10 Your exact double
11 Roll on “Local Person of Rank” table
12 Priest/ess of…Roll d10 on Local Organizations Subtable

Carousing Mishaps Table

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