The World of Tel-Avi

Mysteries of Jzadirune Campaign Intro

Mysteries of Jzadirune, is a campaign that will start players out as 3rd level characters and progress them to somewhere between 12th to 15th level. The campaign will be focused on solving mysteries. It is a primarily city-based campaign, but the characters will occasionally travel outside of the city via train or airship. Most of those adventures will take place on the train or airship. Dungeon-crawling will be less prevalent, but characters will be exploring the buildings, streets and catacombs of Jzadirune.

As a mystery campaign, the adventures will revolve around solving crimes. Instead of a normal party-based campaign, each player will choose a background trait that describes how it is they’re in the business of solving crimes in the city. The players will then be thrown together on the same cases, possibly in opposition to each other as everyone tries to solve the same crime.
Combat will happen, but the introduction of guns and the scarcity of healing magic will make combat more dangerous than a typical campaign. Keep in mind that mouthing off to street thug with a gun may get you killed.

DM: Doug Noel
Player Characters:

  • Mr. Holmes (Kevin Radloff): A consulting detective skilled at fisticuffs.
  • Mr. Raske (JC Huber): Mr. Holmes’ partner and a collector of talented pets.
  • Lenny (Ethan Noel): A necromancer and purveyor of discount undead creatures.
  • Irini (Darcy Quick): A femme fatale and small-time thief, who has been arrested by Holmes and Raske more than once in the past. Now in the employ of the local constabulary.
  • Trom (Myers Carpenter): An antiquated iron automaton.
  • Cindry (Mike Pruet): A dwarven slave in the service of Cathcalen, an Amnish merchant.


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