Vornheim Bestiary

To the untutored eye, a Hollow Bride appears to be an ordinary woman wearing a floor-length dress with her arms dangling limply at her sides. In actuality, a Bride has no body and consists of nothing more than a pair of hands fixed at the wrist to the ends of the empty sleeves of an empty dress held erect by a floating, vampiric head. The dress maintains its shape through the action of animated entrails dangling from the thing’s neck and, occasionally, with the aid of corset-like boning sewn into the garment. In combat, the hands can break free and operate independently. These pitiable undead Brides long to mix with the living and cannot refuse invitations to social gatherings of any kind.

A Thornchild is a creature with the body of an enormous serpentine rose with the head of an elven child nestled amid the petals. Though anchored to the ground, they drag their coiling, spiked bodies through cities, forests, and wild gardens by means of spindly, clawed-tipped arms. Witches and druids are known to be able to summon them.

An Eye of Fate consists of a small snake’s body surmounted by a dead thief’s hand, with the eye of a lunatic or a blind man set into the palm. They are a kind of evil humunculus created by witches of the northern wastes, who employ them to spy on their foes and, occasionally, to suffocate them in their sleep. The eye set into the withered palm acts as both a scrying device and a weapon. If the creature was made using a blind eye, then anyone gazing into the eye must save or be blinded. If the creature was made using a maniac’s eye then the victim must save or go temporarily mad. If slain, the creature turns into a glove. The glove will fit no-one except the witch who sent the Eye, and will fit her in whatever guise she may adopt.

Maggot Nagas, or Grub Nagas, are uncanny things with the heads of beautiful women and bloated, white, wormlike bodies. They range from three to six feet in length, and are as likely to be found conversing in the meeting halls of great houses as nesting in the digestive tracts of aging dragons. Whether these unsettling creatures are related to true nagas is unclear, but they exhibit similar abilities, albeit on a lesser scale, and an even more frightening intelligence. Their council is much prized in certain rarefied circles, for they possess unusual insight into the science of governance.

Vornheim Bestiary

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