The World

Tel-Avi has twelve major landmasses, called the “Twelve Continents”, though most are little more than large islands. These are:

Ishullnë Veri, The Northern Continent, is the largest of the twelve. A place of harsh winters and cold, wet summers. Perpetually damp, perpetually cold, and strangely populous. The world’s largest city, Vornheim lies at the center of this continent.

Cyfandir, divided from Ishullnë Veri by the towering Misty Blue Mountains, Cyfandir is a land of mountainous mainland and numerous small islands. It is home to the, often warring, kingdoms of Ardamacha, Argathylia, Gaeldoch, Banchor, and Llynan.

Prydain, off the western coast of Cyfandir is the moderately-sized island of Prydain, shared by the kingdoms of Prydain to the north and Lloegyrr to the south. The people of this island are famed for their horsemanship, and it sports a sizable halfling population.

Maanosan, the second largest land mass, is rent down the middle by a great canyon, known commonly as the Great Abyss. The vast plains west and south of the Abyss are home to the Saexe Empire. The inner steppes east of the Great Abyss are home to the nomadic Vaen. Along the eastern coast are the nations of Morganwg, Seisyllwch, Ceredigiawn, and Ystrad Tywi, all of which bow to the king of Morganwg.

Talingarde is an isolated island kingdom in the waters east of Cyfandir and the Northern Continent. The Kingdom of Talingarde prides itself on being the noblest, most virtuous, and most peaceful nation yet founded. The royalty of this dominion has rescued a dispirited people from the brink of despair and darkness. They dealt with their enemies honorably and their allies faithfully. Talingarde is a paragon of the age, a bright shining city upon a hill (or so they claim).

Pulau-Razh, called the “Island of the King”, a large island in the temperate belt near the equator. The island was once home to five warring nations, Magar, Erdely, Bayar, Horvath, and Marmaresh, until they were united under the Razh Jah (or King Jah) over a hundred years ago. The island nation is considered a sacred place to the Jahans, who worship Razh Jah as the mortal incarnation of their deity.

Frejsa is a moderately sized island roughly a hundred miles of the southern coast of Maanosan and subject to the the Saexe Empire. Though not large, Frejsa is one of the few land-masses with significant arable land, and produces the majority of the world’s grain.

Seregond is a small independent archipelago, home to the Island Elves.

The near-legendary island of Rokovoko is said to be “an island far away to the West and South” (regardless of where the speaker is). The sailors who know of it claim that “It is not down in any map; true places never are.” The island is populated by dark-skinned humans, rumored to practice cannibalism, and is held in special regard by followers of The Way, who claim that their religion originated in Rokovoko.

Seltaeb is the southernmost land mass in Tel-Avi. It is a mass of barren red-brown rock, dotted with small oases and a handful of mining settlements. Worse even than icy Ishullnë Veri, almost nothing grows on Seltaeb and the barren places between settlements are rife with monstrous creatures not found anywhere else in the world. most agree that the continent would be abandoned if not for the rich veins of gems and ore to be found there.

The Great Rim is a towering mountain range that surrounds the ocean of Tel-Avi and demarcates the edge of the world. Roughly circular, and containing the entirety of Tel-Avi, the Great Rim comprises more land-mass than all the other continents combined, though it is only grudgingly counted as a continent. The Great Rim is composed of immeasurably massive peaks and unscaleably tall cliffs. No known person has ever crossed the Great Rim, for tales say that the peaks grow as one climbs, their summits ever out of reach, and that at the highest elevations there is no air at all. Even more frightening, some say that if one did reach the summits, they would no longer be held to Tel-Avi and would drift off into the dark reaches of the outer planes.

The World

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