Trapping Mace

The Trapping Mace is an elaborately carved mace-and-chain, with an extremely unusual and cunningly layered openwork head.

weapon (melee)

The Trapping Mace (also sometimes known as the Screaming Mace or the Swearing Mace) is an elaborately carved weapon—technically a mace-and-chain—with an extremely unusual and cunningly layered openwork head. When found, the cagelike macehead will contain a small iron sculture of a disembodied head. This head will be a precise, small-scale likeness of the head of whatever being was last slain by the mace.

(If the last being slain by the mace had no identifiable head then it’s the DM’s discretion as to what’s in there.)

Inside this head, the being’s soul is trapped. If a new being is killed with the mace, the original soul is released, and the most recent victim’s soul is trapped in the same manner, the tiny head warping and changing into the face of the new prisoner.

A trapped soul may, and generally will, speak, (it will telepathically be fluent in the owner’s language) and—in nearly all cases—the soul is so eager to escape the mace and move on to whatever afterlife is proper to it that it will provide any information it has that might help the mace’s owner successfully kill something else and thereby release it. Although the trapped souls will be, of course, angry with the mace’s owner, the agony of existence in the mace is so exquisitely cruel that the trapped souls fear nothing more than the owner being slain and the mace being lost—dooming the soul to lie unfound in the unhallowed iron limbo for indeterminate years. Further, the trapped soul is magically bound to answer any question put to it (that it knows the answer to) and to tell the truth—though PCs may not be aware of this.

In combat, the mace acts with no bonuses, though it counts as a magic weapon.


Trapping Mace

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