Sir Willem the Prophet


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class (level): Oracle of Battle 5th / Divine Scion 2nd
Alignment: Lawful Good
Experience: 26740
Next Level: 34000
Age: 29 years

  • Born Noble
  • Page
  • Squire
  • Knight
  • Military Order


Hit Points: (7d8+14) = 49
Str: 10
Dex: 13
Con: 14
Int: 9
Wis: 14
Cha: 16
Cash: 0gp, 0sp
Languages: Gael, Perbashket
AC: 22 (1 Dex, 9 armor, 2 shield)
CMD: 15
Armor: DR 0/magic

Attack: +4 melee, +5 ranged

  • BAB: +4
  • CMB: +4
    • Bastard Sword: +6 melee
      • Damage: 1d10 damage, 19-20/x2 Crit


  • Fort: +5
  • Ref: +3
  • Will: +9


  • Land Speed: 20-ft.
  • Initiative: +2

Skill Points: 34

Weapon/Armor Proficiencies:

  • All Simple Weapons
  • Longsword, Bastard Sword, Lance, Flail, War Razor
  • Light Armor
  • Medium Armor
  • Heavy Armor
  • Shields

Skills: (includes armor penalty)

  • Acrobatics (2 ranks): +0
  • Diplomacy (1 ranks): +7
  • Handle Animal (1 ranks): +7
  • Heal (1 ranks): +6
  • Intimidate (1 ranks): +7
  • Knowledge [engineering] (1 ranks): +3
  • Knowledge [geography] (1 ranks): +3
  • Knowledge [religion] (7 ranks): +9
  • Knowledge [the planes] (5 ranks): +7
  • Perception (4 ranks): +9
  • Profession [scribe] (1 ranks): +6
  • Ride (2 ranks): +0
  • Sense Motive (2 ranks): +7
  • Spellcraft (5 ranks): +7
  • Use Magic Device (2 ranks): +9

Class Skills: Acrobatics (Dex), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Fly (Dex), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (engineering) (Int), Knowledge (geography) (Int), Knowledge (history) (Int), Knowledge (planes) (Int), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Perception (Wis), Perform (Cha), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Sense Motive (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), and Use Magic Device (Cha).


Dazzling Display
Prerequisite: Weapon Focus, proficiency with the selected weapon.
Benefit: While wielding the weapon in which you have Weapon Focus, you can perform a bewildering show of prowess as a full-round action. Make an Intimidate check to demoralize all foes within 30 feet who can see your display.

Benefit: Immediately prior to a period of extended rest (8 hours minimum) during which the night sky is visible, you may focus your mind on the future and receive a prophetic dream regarding one question. Upon completion of your rest you awaken with insights into the future as though you had cast an augury spell and received a meaningful reply.
In addition, once every combat you may touch an ally and give them insight into future actions. The touched ally chooses one of the following; Attack Roll, Saving Throw, Skill Check or Concentration Check, and then rolls a d20. The next time the ally would roll for the selected action, they may use the previously rolled result or opt to make a new roll. Other abilities that allow re-rolls may not be used in conjunction with this ability. If the action would have multiple rolls (such as iterative attacks), only the first roll is replaced.

Warrior Priest
Prerequisites: Ability to cast divine spells, domain or mystery class feature.
Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on initiative checks and a +2 bonus on concentration checks made to cast a spell or use a spell-like ability when casting defensively or while grappled.

Prophetic Visionary
Prerequisites: Mystery class feature.
Benefit: Once per day, you can enter a deep trance to receive a vision of the future. The trance lasts for 10 minutes, during which time you can take no other actions. If you are interrupted, you must begin again. When you come out of the trance, you know whether a particular action in the immediate future will bring good or bad results, as an augury spell with a 70% chance of success.

Iron Will
Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on all Will saving throws.

Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword) [Bonus]
Prerequisites: Proficiency with selected weapon, base attack bonus +1.
Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls you make using the selected weapon.


Dangerously Curious [Magic Trait]
Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on Use Magic Device checks, and Use Magic Device is always a class skill for you.

Mountain Guide [Regional Trait]
Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (geography) and Survival checks when in mountainous areas, and Knowledge (geography) is always a class skill for you.

Werewolf Hunter [Campaign Trait]
Benefits: You begin play with a silver version of any weapon you are proficient with for free.

Strength of the Sun [Religion Trait]
Benefit: During the day, you gain a +1 trait bonus on all Charisma-based checks.

Resilient [Combat Trait]
Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Fortitude saves.

Race Abilities
  • +2 to One Ability Score: Human characters get a +2 bonus to one ability score of their choice at creation to represent their varied nature.
  • Medium: Humans are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Normal Speed: Humans have a base speed of 30 feet.
  • Bonus Feat: Humans select one extra feat at 1st level.
  • Skilled: Humans gain an additional skill rank at first level and one additional rank whenever they gain a level.

Class Abilities:
  • Oracle Spells: save DC 13 + spell level, Caster level 7th
  • 0th: at will
    • Known: Anvil Sparks, Create Water, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Discern Health, Heaven’s Teardrop, Long Range Weapon, Resistance, Settle Stomach, Stabilize
  • 1st level: 7/day
    • Known: Bless, Burning Disarm, Cure Light Wounds, Enlarge Person, Hesitation, Shield of Faith, Swallow Your Fear, War Paint, Weapons Against Evil
  • 2nd level: 7/day
    • Known: Blessing of Courage and Life, Communal Protection from Evil, Cure Moderate Wounds, Fog Cloud, Spiritual Weapon
  • 3rd level: 5/day
    • Known: Channel Vigor, Cure Serious Wounds, Remove Curse

Weapon Mastery (Ex): Select one weapon with which you are proficient. You gain Weapon Focus with that weapon. At 8th level, you gain Improved Critical with that weapon. At 12th level, you gain Greater Weapon Focus with that weapon. You do not need to meet the prerequisites to receive these feats.

Resiliency (Ex): You are not disabled and you do not gain the staggered condition if you are reduced to exactly 0 hit points. At 7th level, you gain Diehard as a bonus feat. At 11th level, you do not lose a hit point when you take a standard action while disabled. You do not need to meet the prerequisite to receive the Diehard feat.

Clouded Vision: Your eyes are obscured, making it difficult for you to see. You cannot see anything beyond 60 feet, but you can see as if you had darkvision. At 10th level, you gain blindsense out to a range of 30 feet. At 15th level, you gain blindsight out to a range of 15 feet.

Opposition Alignment (Ex): A divine scion must pick one of the following alignment subtypes as her opposition alignment: chaotic, evil, good, or law. The opposition alignment she chooses must be one that she does not possess as part of her own alignment. She gains a +1 bonus on caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance of creatures with that alignment subtype.


Encumberance: X lbs. (Light Load)

  • Carrying Capacity:
    • Light Load: 0-60 lbs.
    • Medium Load: 61-120 lbs.
    • Heavy Load: 121-180 lbs.


  • Masterwork Full Plate Armor
  • Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield
  • Masterwork Silversheen Bastard Sword
  • Heavy War Horse
  • Masterwork Chain Barding
  • Military Saddle
  • Silver and Sapphire Holy Symbol of Mitra
  • Staff of Charming
  • Standard Adventuring Pack
    • Rope, Torches, Rations, Bedroll, etc. (56s of gear, as needed)
  • Ring of Counterspells (Bestow Curse)

  • Knighthood
  • Affiliation: Knights of Alerion
    • 20% discount on Horses, Armor, and Religious Supplies

  • Varyston:
    • Whispering Will: The town fool
  • Watching Wall:
    • Ryan Varning: Captain of the rangers
  • Matharyn:
    • Lord Commander Vailan: A Commander of the Knights of Alerion
    • Roman Jenner: Proprietor of the Rearing Stallion Inn, where the party stays when in town
    • Sir Reginald Longshanks: A Knight of Alerion
    • Sir Patrick Dungen: A Knight of Alerion
  • Gastenhall:
    • Maribeth Drake: His mother, a widow
    • Renee Dupries: Daughter of a nobleman, his fiancĂ©

Sir Willem the Prophet

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