Lord Arnolf Ramsay

The ruler of the kingdom of Banchor on Cyfandir.


Lord Ramsay came hobbling, leaning on a blackthorn cane. Gaunt and bent and crooked, with a left shoulder half a foot higher than his right, he had a scrawny neck, squinty grey eyes, and yellow teeth. A few white hairs were all that separated him from baldness; his forked beard was equal parts white and grey, but always ragged.



  • Noble Affiliation (120 pts):
    • Title: Count
    • Small Castle
    • Governance over several towns (area the size of Rockingham Co.)
  • Contacts
    • Bishop Aeschal (Head of the local church of Vorn)
    • Viscount Oxenbury (Ruler of a neighboring province)
    • Vosculous Eeeben (Duke Regent of Vornheim)

Lord Arnolf Ramsay

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