Baron Phlensos Ursuma

The halfling Baron of Ursuma and Milord High Poofy Trousers


Baron Ursuma looks like a human boy of about 7 years of age. His strong jaw and prominent nose mark him as a son of Cyfandir nobility, and he can often be seen wearing his signature red-and-black slashed doublet and pantaloons.


Resources: 218rp

  • Noble Affiliation (120 pts):
    • Title: Count
    • Small Castle
    • Governance over several towns (area the size of Rockingham Co.)
  • Contacts
    • Bishop Aeschal (Head of the local church of Vorn)
    • Viscount Oxenbury (Ruler of a neighboring province)
    • Vosculous Eeeben (Duke Regent of Vornheim)

Baron Phlensos Ursuma

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